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Asturo 3 Seater New -17%
3 seater only for sale! Such an attractive color scheme and price.Dimension: 2032mm (L) x 876mm (W) ..
RM1,833.00 RM1,519.00

Pullman Single Divan, Pullout & Mattresses New -9%
3' Single Divan with pullout and 2 branded single mattresses by Goodnite. Sold as complete set.Dimen..
RM1,099.00 RM999.00

Casanori 2+3 Sofa New -32%
Dimension:2 seater: 1575mm (L) x 876mm (W) x 838mm (H)3 seater: 2134mm (L) x 876mm (W) x 838mm ..
RM1,999.00 RM1,359.00

Piccola King Divan -54%
6' King divan that is sturdily built for durability.Dimension: 1880mm x 2210mm x 826mmMaterial: Lere..
RM1,199.00 RM549.00

2 seater sofa. Fashionable and for those who do not require the full set.Dimension: 1346mm (L) ..

Conelia Coffee Table -55%
Dimension: 1207mm (L) x 610mm (W) x 457mm (H)Material: Medium density compressed (MDC) woodPaint Fin..
RM788.00 RM358.00

A no fuss queen mattress with Bonnel / coil spring produced and distributed by Dunlopillo. Very affo..

Luciano Coffee Table New -67%
Material: Medium density compressed (MDC) woodDimension: 1194mm (L) x 482mm (W) x 432mm (H)Finishing..
RM666.00 RM222.00

Envita 1+6 Dining Table -64%
Rectangular, solid rubber wood dining table with 6 suede cushioned chairs.Dimension: 1397mm (L)..
RM673.00 RM239.00

Bretone (ROSE) L - Shape Sofa New -50%
Same same but different L - Shape! Why cheaper? Because it is the only one left to clear at cost pri..
RM1,288.00 RM639.00

Calanthe Recliner Sofa New -31%
Dimension: 914mm (L) x 787mm (W) x 1016mm (H)Material: Micro FabricColor: Light BrownCondition: Bran..
RM519.00 RM359.00

Pyramiden King Divan New -74%
King sized divan at clearance price but with minor imperfections... Material: Leren Leather (1s..
RM1,399.00 RM369.00

Alesund Dresser, Mirror, Side Table & Stool New -63%
Dimension: 470mm (L) x 360mm (W) x 1600mm (H)Material: Laminated particleboardFinishing: Paper lamin..
RM219.00 RM82.00

Voss Dresser Table & Mirror New -29%
Dimension: 900mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 1690mm (H)Material: MelamineColor: Light natural woodCondition: B..
RM559.00 RM399.00

Masimo L - Shape Sofa -37%
Immensely proportioned L - shape sofa in suede like fabric. Suitable for homes with large living roo..
RM1,999.00 RM1,269.00

S shaped slim & elongated coffee table for living areas with space constraint. Perfect height fo..

Colombo Marble Dining Set -41%
Dimension: 5' (L) x 3' (W).Laminated marble table top with upholstered PU octagonal solid base.Ice c..
RM1,999.00 RM1,188.00

4' (L) x 6' (H) Sliding Bedroom SetQueen DivanDresserStoolSide Table..

All white, oval shaped high gloss central base.Measurement: L5' x W3'See through transparent rectang..

Want to sleep regally like a king or queen? We have this aristocratic queen sized divan for you. Sty..

One of the most affordable and hot-selling bedroom set available in our collections. It has all you ..

Ducato Sofa Bed -37%
3 seater configurationMaterial: Dura Suede (RM369.00)Fuss free, and fully detachable sofa bed for ul..
RM589.00 RM369.00

Noire Series Coffee Table -19%
Dimension: 55" (L) x 31.5" (W) x 17" (H)4.5' (ft) long coffee table with laminated marble topFlower ..
RM1,599.00 RM1,299.00

Noire Series TV Cabinet -18%
Dimension: 6.6' (L) x 1.5' (W) x 1.4' (H)Material: Laminated plain white marble top, all around chro..
RM1,699.00 RM1,399.00

Moreno King Divan -57%
6' King divan that is sturdily built for durability.Dimension: 1880mm x 2210mm x 826mmMaterial:..
RM999.00 RM433.00

Veritas Marble Dining Set -22%
Looking for the ultra exclusive like marble dining table for your precious home? This is the dining ..
RM3,099.00 RM2,429.00

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