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The first traditional batik inspired mattress in the world and endorsed by popular local celebrity, ..

High quality, wood laminated 5' buffet table. Perfect cupboard for your kitchenware.Material: Compre..

Sydney Queen Mattress -37%
A no fuss queen mattress with Bonnel / coil spring produced and distributed by Dunlopillo. Very affo..
RM699.00 RM439.00

Noire Series Coffee Table New -19%
Dimension: 55" (L) x 31.5" (W) x 17" (H)4.5' (ft) long coffee table with laminated marble topFlower ..
RM1,599.00 RM1,299.00

Noma Series TV Cabinet New -24%
Our most high quality latest offering. Latest living room series for customers with penchant for hig..
RM1,639.00 RM1,239.00

Noma Series Coffee Table New -23%
Our most high quality latest offering. Latest living room series for customers with penchant for hig..
RM1,429.00 RM1,099.00

Veritas Marble Dining Set New -22%
Looking for the ultra exclusive like marble dining table for your precious home? This is the dining ..
RM3,099.00 RM2,429.00

Noire Series TV Cabinet New -18%
Dimension: 6.6' (L) x 1.5' (W) x 1.4' (H)Material: Laminated plain white marble top, all around chro..
RM1,699.00 RM1,399.00

Bluven Divan New
Black and white divan. A hybrid of material PVC headboard and PU elsewhere. Floating design as if sl..

Maidena Bedroom Set New
Dimension: 8' (L) x 8' (H)Material: Laminated particle boardColor: Gray WoodAnti-jump system in plac..

Masimo L - Shape Sofa -37%
Immensely proportioned L - shape sofa in suede like fabric. Suitable for homes with large living roo..
RM1,999.00 RM1,269.00

All white, oval shaped high gloss central base.Measurement: L5' x W3'See through transparent rectang..

S shaped slim & elongated coffee table for living areas with space constraint. Perfect height fo..

5' TV cabinetLaminated medium density compressed wood (MDC)2 drawers and 2 open spacesEye catchy ang..

Bretone L - Shape Sofa -35%
L - Shape sofaFully removable & washable pillows and cushions.High density paddingFaux diamond e..
RM1,388.00 RM899.00

Colombo Marble Dining Set -45%
Dimension: 5' (L) x 3' (W).Laminated marble table top with upholstered PU octagonal solid base.Ice c..
RM1,999.00 RM1,099.00

De Napolitano Queen Mattress -28%
Ultra thick and extra puffy with high density foam padding for ultimate durability and comfort. 5 St..
RM1,380.00 RM989.00

Lona Coffee Table -57%
New age design with practicality is the key theme when designing this coffee table for new and trend..
RM699.00 RM299.00

Lorem TV Cabinet -55%
Rectangular on the outside, curved and rounded on the inside. That's the beauty of this understated ..
RM439.00 RM199.00