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Macao 2 Seater Sofa (Red) -17%
Comfy, two seater lounge sofa in striking red.Dimension: 1530mm (L) x 870mm (W) x 900mm (H)Material:..
RM576.00 RM478.00
3 Seater sofa with abundance of appealing curves & plush seats.Dimension: 2140mm (L) x 1030mm (W..
Lamberto L - Shape Sofa -55%
Gorgeous, curvaceous and ergonomically made L - shape sofa. Dimension: 2270mm (L) x 1760mm / 10..
RM3,566.00 RM1,620.00
Brasil 1 Seater Premium Leather Recliner (Red) New -39%
Comfortable, snug and cozy one seater recliner best for when you are relaxing in your room and with ..
RM1,126.00 RM686.00
Aveiras 3 Seater & Ottoman (Brown) -17%
3 seater & detachable ottoman in easy to maintain Hermis fabric upholstery.Dimension: 2000mm (L)..
RM718.00 RM599.00
Asturo 1 Seater Recliner (Silver / Dark Brown) -55%
1 seater manual recliner with two tone colour scheme.Dimension: 980mm (L) x 930mm (W) x 960mm (H)Mat..
RM1,629.00 RM728.00
Asturo 1R + 3RR Recliner New -58%
1 seater recliner & 3 seater manual recliner, both in classy and reserved dark brown colour.Dime..
RM4,821.00 RM2,022.00
Rioseco 2 Seater Sofa (Grey & Red) -41%
Chic and dignified 2 seater sofa in striking two tone colour.Dimension: 1640mm (L) x 970mm (W) x 970..
RM1,011.00 RM599.00
Clairyn Corner Sofa New -54%
2 seater + 2 seater + Corner sofa. Large, spacious and luxurious.Can seat 6-7 person comfortably.Dim..
RM4,409.00 RM2,048.00
Enicia L - Shape Sofa New -15%
A modern yet timeless L - shaped sofa for your stylish living room. One elegantly proportioned sofa ..
RM3,109.00 RM2,629.00
Enicia L - Shape Sofa (Dark Brown) New -41% Out Of Stock
A modern yet timeless L - shaped sofa for your stylish living room. One elegantly proportioned sofa ..
RM2,712.00 RM1,599.00
Rioseco 2 Seater Sofa (Dark Brown) New -14%
Chic and dignified 2 seater sofa in classy, reserved dark brown.Dimension: 1640mm (L) x 970mm (W) x ..
RM1,269.00 RM1,087.00
Jackie L - Shape Recliner Sofa New -36%
An uncommon L-shape with a one seater integrated recliner. Perfect for three person. Spacious seats ..
RM1,813.00 RM1,155.00
Stafford L - Shape Sofa New -58%
L - Shape sofa in Ox FabricDimension: 2180mm (L) x 1680mm / 930mm (W) x 990mm (H)Material: Ox-F..
RM2,377.00 RM999.00
Masimo L - Shape Sofa -33%
Immensely proportioned L - shape sofa in suede like fabric. Suitable for homes with large living roo..
RM1,999.00 RM1,338.00
Ducato Fabric Sofa Bed -23%
1 + 1 + OttomanDimension: 2260mm (L) x 890mm (W) x 810mm (H)Material: Dura SuedeColor: Black, B..
RM644.00 RM499.00
Ardelia Bedroom Set -17%
PU upholstered queen divan with basic 2 door wardrobe.Dimension:Divan - Queen sizedWardrobe - 800mm ..
RM572.00 RM476.00
Bretone L - Shape Sofa -22%
L - Shape sofaDimension: 2007mm (L) x 953mm (W) x 1499mm (W) x 914mm (H)Material: Ox-Fabric 4Co..
RM1,288.00 RM999.00
Single (3') divanDimension: 920mm (L) x 2000mm (W) x 940mm (H)Color: White and orange stripeConditio..
5' TV cabinetLaminated medium density compressed wood (MDC)2 drawers and 2 open spacesEye catchy ang..
Sigma Dining Set -17% Out Of Stock
Dimension: 1400mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 730mm (H)Material: Solid veneer rubber wood & tempered ..
RM919.00 RM766.00
Costa Rica 2+3 Fully Washable Sofa -24%
Dimension: 2 Seater: 1422mm (L) x 762mm (W) x 864mm (H)3 Seater: 1829mm (L) x 762mm (W) x ..
RM1,549.00 RM1,183.00